It Has Been So Long

I’m going to be honest. I completely forgot about this blog. I have been neck deep in homework that it just slipped my mind.

Once again the college semester is coming to an end; and I could noy be more overjoyed.

This semester has been one of the most draining in my college career. Perhaps it’s because I’m almost done or perhaps I’m not getting enough sleep. Either way: I. am. so. tired.


I’m Running on Fumes

Three weeks. I have only been in school three weeks yet I am exhausted. I stay up at night until my eyes won’t stay open anymore; which is usually around 2 AM. Then, I get up at 4 AM to take my husband to work and start my day. I’ve been running on fumes and energy drinks. I hope that my teachers will slow down a little bit; understand that students have other classes and want to have a life. After all having a life is healthy. Even though I wish, I know they will are only getting started. That the workload will only become heavier as the semester goes on before it drops off completely at the end of the semester. I just hope I don’t burn out before then.


Money, Money, Money

College classes have officially begun. Last week was merely an appetizer. Lessons have started and, of course, that means buying supplies. Notebooks, school books, new shoes, programs, USB flash drives, art supplies, etc. It doesn’t seem like much when you look at the list and when I first figured out everything I would need, I was confident we would have no problem getting them.

Notebooks are easy. You go to Walmart and buy $2 notebooks because they aren’t too expensive and they aren’t too cheap. All it requires is taking the time to go get them.

My college rents out books to their students and every semester I get excited about the fact that I won’t have to buy any books. Then, every semester I have that excitement shattered when the teacher says it’s not rentable, we have to buy it. So, money that was originally put aside for supplies I know I will need, like art supplies now has to go towards books. Luckily, no hundred dollar books this semester.

New shoes; not something I would normally purchase. However, my last tennis shoes have grown too small and hurt my feet. I would just ignore it and keep wearing them if it weren’t for one class; English. My English class is across campus, and my campus is extremely hilly. I think I counted that I would traverse up and down at least 28 flights of stairs just to get to that one class and then return to the other side of campus for my next class. This means I need shoes I can hike in. So instead of spending a measly 10 to 20 dollars on shoes from Walmart, which always fall apart quickly, we went to an actual shoe store and purchased actual hiking shoes. My feet are very grateful.

Most of you are probably sitting there, looking at the list and thinking, why do you need computer programs or more than one flash drive. My professors seem to think we students are made of money. It is at the request of my professors that I have to have one USB per class. As for the programs; I have to be able to do my homework at home. Which means I have to have programs such as Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator.

Last but not least, as this is where most of our money is going to, is the art supplies. Being in Advanced Drawing is nice, I basically get to be my own boss during the semester, but extremely expensive. I have to buy all the paper and supply for the class. In the Art 3 class and lower we were given a certain amount of paper and supplies. Still, even then there was still a lot to buy. Art is expensive.

So several hundred dollars later and I swear I won’t underestimate the amount required to pay for school ever again.

At least not until next semester.

Long Time No Write

After a completely lazy summer, that consisted of sleeping and video games, I am back in school. Two days in and I’m bored out of my mind and my legs feel like jello; thank you classes that are on opposite sides of campus. Yes, I am out of shape for all you wondering, not that anyone is. I’m staying optimistic. We have only really gone over the syllabi in each of my classes. Next week is when the true work begins. I’m hoping that I will truly enjoy the work. Most of my classes are art classes and animation classes after all. Still, if the teachers keep jumping the rails on subject matter, I’m not sure we will even cover the course material.