Nearly Free!!! For the Summer!!!

For the past few months I have been taking college classes. Which means my life has consisted of classes all day and homework all night; a life of little sleep and disappointment. It is finally coming to a end, for the summer that is. I get to come back in the fall and do it all over again. Most people would be getting a job to “fill the void” left by school. I probably should be doing the same. We would have more money if I did. My loving husband doesn’t want me to. He recognizes that I am so work out I would probably end up dropping out if I worked over summer. I know there are people that work DURING school but I know my limitations; I would most likely die if I did that. I am also newly married and doubt that never seeing him would strengthen our relationship. So I guess I will continue do what my parents and lots of people call the “lazy” thing; only do school during a school semester and recharge all summer long. 


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